Duane Long, DVM

Duane Long’s goal as a veterinarian is to “improve lives through veterinary medicine,” a goal he continues to strive for since receiving his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 from Purdue University. 

Duane is one of the founding partners of Four Star Veterinary Service (FSVS). He took ownership of Swine Health Care, Inc., in 2002 and, in 2005, joined with three other swine clinics to form FSVS.

His focus on swine started early when he was growing up on the family swine and corn-soybean farm located near Lafayette, Indiana. The farm’s veterinarian recognized Duane’s interest in animals and encouraged him to go to veterinary school. He took the advice and headed to Purdue for his undergraduate work, followed by veterinary school.

Duane owns the veterinary clinic he joined early in his career after completing the veterinary curriculum. The clinic was in Roann, Indiana, and later moved to Mexico, Indiana. Today, the practice includes one other veterinarian and a staff dedicated to their clients’ veterinary needs.

Duane is married to Marlene who works part time at the clinic. They have three daughters and one son who all work in agriculture.

Today, Duane says he enjoys the interactions with his customers. And when inquiries come in from clients, he likes the process of responding and developing solutions to help both the animals and clients.

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