Dairy calf and beef cow/calf health programs

Our bovine veterinarians are trained and experienced in providing health programs for calves to set the stage for healthy, efficient growth in beef operations. We also offer health programs for beef cow/calf operations prepared by a beef specialist.

Medical services

We are experienced at diagnosing health problems and developing treatment programs. We also conduct surgery when needed.

Reproductive services

We provide reproductive services including ultrasounds, fetal sexing, heifer development and breeding soundness. Also included are exams, embryo transfer and pregnancy palpation. Our beef-cattle veterinarians offer personalized design and implementation of reproduction services.

Immunization and vaccination programs

We can develop vaccination/immunization protocols customized for dairy calf and cow/calf operations.  We can help you create customized autogenous vaccines when necessary to address unique challenges.

Environmental evaluation

Four Star veterinarians understand the need for proper barn design and ventilation for housing calves and beef cows. We can help trouble-shoot problems.


Cosmetic dehorning of calves is standard practice today, and we have the capability to provide this service.

Regulatory testing and inspections

We routinely perform regulatory testing and prepare proper Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for interstate and international shipments. We also will work with you and your feed company to ensure veterinary feed directives are properly completed and followed.

Products and vaccines

Four Star can provide you with a wide selection of vaccines and animal-health products for your operation at excellent prices.  Everything you need on your farm from vaccines and medications to gloves and boots can be sourced from our offices.