Today swine medicine involves much more than farm visits, diagnostics, vaccines and responsible use of antibiotics. You need to be on ...


At Swine Vet Center, we take a pig- and client-first approach in all our services. In addition to diagnostics and traditional ...


Tim Loula, DVM Paul Yeske, DVM, MS Mike Eisenmenger, DVM Ross Kiehne, DVM Jeff Feder, DVM Brad Leuwerke, DVM, ...


In 2005, four swine veterinarians in the eastern Corn Belt joined forces to form Four Star Veterinary Service. Their business philosophy was simple but uncompromising: “If it’s best for the pig, it’s best for the producer.”

Four Star Veterinary Service offers a wide range of services for all clients, including commercial farms, show pigs and more. Our focus is on the health and welfare of all animals under our care.

Four Star Veterinary Service includes 17 veterinarians working from seven clinics located in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Together, we are licensed to practice in 25 states.


Tips to improve pen gestation for sows

Many pork producers successfully manage sows in group gestation pens after completing breeding and pregnancy checks in crates. Veterinarians with Four Star Veterinary Service (FSVS)

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