In 2005, four swine veterinarians in the eastern Corn Belt joined forces to form Four Star Veterinary Service. Their business philosophy was simple but uncompromising: “If it’s best for the pig, it’s best for the producer.”

Four Star Veterinary Service offers a wide range of services for clients involved with swine (including show pigs), cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, aquaculture and companion animals.

Four Star Veterinary Service includes 18 veterinarians working from seven clinics located in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Together, we are licensed to practice in 25 states.


Pointers for keeping show pigs healthy

The key to making show pigs enjoyable and successful is producing a pig with excellent health and nutrition, reported Brittney Scales, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, Mexico, Indiana.

Managing Mycoplasma’s persistence in finishing

A dry cough heard in a finishing unit usually indicates M. hyo is causing respiratory distress and reducing growth in pigs almost ready for market. Bryant Chapman, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, helps clients reduce the effects of M. hyo.

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