Post-farrowing sow care important for piglet care

Day-1 pig care is essential, but we also need to recognize that sow care is an important component of it.

Heat stress can set cattle up for respiratory issues

Cattle suffering from heat stress will go off feed and, in some cases, become more susceptible to respiratory disease. A few tactics can reduce the effects of hot weather.

Reduce sow mortality with documentation and intervention

The cause of high sow-mortality rates may be tough to determine, but producers can take steps to address the problems and lower rates.

Biosecurity needs regular maintenance to keep out disease

Hog production today involves detailed biosecurity plans to prevent disease outbreaks. But keeping up biosecurity protocols can become tedious.

How to improve a young calf’s future performance

“Everything we do for calves in the first 6 weeks will dictate how they perform for the rest of their life,” stated Taylor Engle, DVM, with Four Star Veterinary Service in Chickasaw, Ohio.

‘Doc, what should I vaccinate my pigs for?’

One of the most common questions Daniel Brown, DVM, hears from swine clients is what vaccinations are needed and when should they be given.

Develop replacement heifers like a cow but with exceptions

Cow-calf herds can add a nice profit to the bottom line of hog production systems that use manure on their own pastures, and these profits can increase long term if herds keep and develop their own replacement heifers.

Early identification critical in preventing sow lameness

Sow lameness continues to trouble hog operations in the US, causing high numbers of involuntary removals from herds. Identifying lameness issues early is key.

Why it pays to conduct regular water-quality checkups

Water is as important for the growth and health of pigs as feed. As such, it makes sense to test a hog unit’s water just as frequently as the feed, according to Jim Kober, DVM, water quality-consultant, Holland, Michigan.

Pointers for keeping show pigs healthy

The key to making show pigs enjoyable and successful is producing a pig with excellent health and nutrition, reported Brittney Scales, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, Mexico, Indiana.

Managing Mycoplasma’s persistence in finishing

A dry cough heard in a finishing unit usually indicates M. hyo is causing respiratory distress and reducing growth in pigs almost ready for market. Bryant Chapman, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, helps clients reduce the effects of M. hyo.

Early intervention minimizes health issues caused by calf scours

Early identification and treatment of scours is the best way to prevent serious health issues in newborn calves, according to Trey Gellert, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, Chickasaw, OH.