Early identification critical in preventing sow lameness

Sow lameness continues to trouble hog operations in the US, causing high numbers of involuntary removals from herds. Identifying lameness issues early is key.

Why it pays to conduct regular water-quality checkups

Water is as important for the growth and health of pigs as feed. As such, it makes sense to test a hog unit’s water just as frequently as the feed, according to Jim Kober, DVM, water quality-consultant, Holland, Michigan.

Pointers for keeping show pigs healthy

The key to making show pigs enjoyable and successful is producing a pig with excellent health and nutrition, reported Brittney Scales, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, Mexico, Indiana.

Managing Mycoplasma’s persistence in finishing

A dry cough heard in a finishing unit usually indicates M. hyo is causing respiratory distress and reducing growth in pigs almost ready for market. Bryant Chapman, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, helps clients reduce the effects of M. hyo.

Early intervention minimizes health issues caused by calf scours

Early identification and treatment of scours is the best way to prevent serious health issues in newborn calves, according to Trey Gellert, DVM, Four Star Veterinary Service, Chickasaw, OH.

Swine veterinarians award debt-relief scholarship to Gascho

A Four Star Veterinary Service veterinarian was awarded a debt-relief scholarship by the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) Foundation during its recent virtual annual meeting.

Strategies to curtail rising sow-lameness problems

Sow-lameness issues are on the rise, especially for sows in group housing. Lameness is a leading reason that sows are culled early from the herd.

Plan now to better manage pastures for healthy cow-calf herd

Hog manure helps sustain profitable cow-calf herds when pasture grazing is well managed. But pork producers often lack the knowledge to manage pastures for calf production.

Combat seasonal infertility with strong husbandry

Seasonal infertility continues to be a widespread problem for sow herds across the US. And if you don’t have a problem with seasonal infertility, it may mean you are not recognizing it.

Well-managed estrus helps gilts, sows achieve top performance

Success in pork production starts with a well-managed sow herd that cycles together and on time. Unfortunately, reproductive problems can derail the breeding process.

Better manage your sow herd with uniform body-condition technique

After noticing an alarming difference in sow body conditions in several herds, Cary Sexton, DVM, became concerned.

Parasites persist in hog production, especially in niche markets

Environmentally controlled hog facilities eliminated most swine parasites. But Ascaris suum (roundworm) continues to persevere on some conventional farms and frequently on farms for niche markets.