Management is the best defense against Histophilus somni and sudden death in feeder calves

It’s something no one wants to see: You go out to check feedyard calves and find a nice one lying dead. Overall, the cattle look fine, just as they did yesterday. If another calf or two die the next day, Histophilus somni (H. somni) could be the culprit, and it’s time to call your veterinarian. The challenge is that this

Swine nutrition tips during a down market

There’s no question the US swine industry is struggling through a down market cycle. Jason Woodworth, Research Professor at Kansas State University, spoke to attendees at the Annual Four Star Pork Industry Conference held in Muncie, Indiana in September about nutritional strategies for feeding pigs during a down market.   “Unfortunately, the goal may be to lose the least amount

Adapting to industry changes keeps NC swine veterinarians moving forward

North Carolina was known to be a dream location to raise pigs. But now, according to veteran swine practitioner, Randy Jones, DVM (NCST ’85), doing business in a highly regulated state combined with the inflated cost of feedstuffs, fuel, labor, and the high rate of litigation, makes pig ownership a burden that seems only accessible to the biggest of integrators.

Step-by-step guide to recruit US farm labor from Mexico

Taylor Rock, production supervisor at Heimerl Farms based in Johnstown, Ohio, spoke at the Annual Four Star Pork Industry Conference held in Muncie, Indiana in September. Rock shared his experience working with TN visas used to recruit and secure on-farm labor in the US.   “I have experience and an idea about how to help you save some money and