About Us

In 2005, four swine veterinarians in the eastern Corn Belt joined forces to form Four Star Veterinary Service. Their business philosophy was simple but uncompromising: “If it’s best for the pig, it’s best for the producer.”

Since then Four Star Veterinary Service has expanded to seven clinics and 18 veterinarians based in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Our clients span 25 states, range in size from 200 to 30,000 sows and finish from 1,000 to 900,000 hogs a year. We also work extensively with breeding stock companies.

Despite our tremendous growth, our “pigs first” approach hasn’t wavered. With our diverse client base, we’re also acutely aware that no two farms or production systems are the same. We therefore tailor health programs to suit the individual needs and goals of each client.

While our primary focus is commercial swine production, our diverse team of veterinarians has expertise in cattle, poultry and other food-animal species. We also cater to the special needs of the rapidly growing show-pig market.

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