Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSv)

Unfortunately, PRRSv has not followed the same trend as PEDv this past winter. PRRSv continues to be one of the main threats to the swine industry, and economically devastating. PRRS was first reported as “mystery swine disease” in the mid-1980s. This January and again mid-April, western Ohio sow units were hit with a 1-7-4 strain. The effects varied slightly depending on previous PRRSv history, and vaccination strategies. Current work is being done to compare these differences among the herds. Producers worked with their veterinarian on a plan for herd stability, which all included a load, close, homogenize strategy. In general, this strain of PRRSv has been associated with significant late term abortion losses, and sow deaths.


If you notice sows off feed, have a fever or cough, and/or increase in abortions, please contact your Four Star veterinarian.

Do not forget, the same applies to grow/finish hogs. PRRSv causes significant respiratory signs in this age pig. It is critical to determine cause to minimize disease spread and update your neighbors on status of barns in the area.